The Workshops

Transformational Learning is best done with love, care, and experts. Get excited for the workshops we have in store for you.

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Your Life From a New Perspective with Christine Fonner

Christine will guide you out of your comfort zone and into your transformational learning zone to be able to reflect on and see your life from a new perspective. Utilizing physical activity, adventure-based learning strategies, and aligning your heart, mind, and soul in outdoor experiences offers opportunity to try on different lenses. You will prepare to build new understandings, find new ways of seeing the world around you, and build new daily practices.

Growing the YOU with Debi Dye

Confidence is the doorway to success in all areas of life, you will learn a few simple techniques to help you feel better about YOU and we’ll take a holistic approach to quieting your inner nay-sayer.

We will explore how your inner dialogue sets you up for success and help you manifest your future. You will learn how to make small changes in day to day communication that will have a lasting impact on how you communicate with everyone.

Re-code Your Reality with Angie Grimes

We will explore the vastness of who you are so that you can begin to know alignment and live a life that is fulfilling, purposeful, and peaceful.

You will be guided by bridging the logical mind to intuitive genius to go within to find your hidden treasures that correlate with your soul’s purpose and begin to create an elevated reality. You will learn how to reclaim your power by exploring the unique you, that makes you, you! You will learn practical techniques that will allow you to begin masterfully building the life of your desires.

Come and join us so that you can crack open and let your Soul Led Purpose explode! 

Emotional Somatic Coaching with Ariel Campbell

With emotional somatic coaching we work with a bottom up approach. Allowing the body and the subconscious mind to lead us to what trauma needs to be released. We acknowledge that the physical body is infinitely wise and works on its own time. Whatever the body is holding onto is where we have to start. This allows us to get to the deep-seated belief structures that may no longer be serving you but are there as protection. This is where many of us experience a discrepancy between what we want and how we show up in the world.

Parts of Self with Erin Marsch-Perez

When we understand the parts of ourselves that protect us, love us, and care for us, we can begin to utilize these parts to explore our lives with new understanding, care, and engagement. We will walk you through to truly seeing yourself and speaking to yourself in finding your inner words, feelings, and care. Connect with your inner child, your current self, and your true sense of being in a backtrack to forward into new connection of your feeling and thinking.

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