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We are first and foremost interconnected women that recognize the strengths and expertise amongst each other. We are an amazing network of courageous professionals that care about what we are building for each of you. Below are some highlights of the core group that makes all the magic happen.

Christine Fonner, M.Ed, Founder of RYS

With 15 years of leadership and organizational management experience, Christine is currently working on her PhD in Organizational Leadership, specializing in “the human factor” – the connection between personal and interpersonal needs and joy at work and organizational success. She has taught, coached, and encouraged adventure throughout her personal and professional life. She leads up the adventure-based component of the retreats and gets you out of your comfort zone to experience new learning. Christine has traveled around the world, ridden her bicycle on multiple continents, and is a nomadic adventurer.

Dallas | Houston | Austin | Silverton

Debi Dye, Executive Leader of RYS

Dallas | Houston | Austin | Silverton

Dr. Erin Marsch-Perez, LCSW, LCDC, Certified EMDR Therapist

Dallas | Houston | Austin | Silverton

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