Roam Life, Inc.

Roam Life is the parent of Roam Your Soul.

Our philosophy at Roam Life incorporates the be-do-have mentality. BE happy. Live your life. DO what makes you happy. Explore and create adventures. HAVE the things in your life that promote being and doing. Keep life simple. Live a well balanced life. Be outside. Expand your knowledge. Transform yourself. At all ages. Wherever you might be. Roam.

Roam Life, the company, provides guidance, planning, workshops and resources for those looking to find the adventure and passion in their lives. Whether it’s an epic adventure around the world or a new spin on your neighborhood walk, Roam Life wakes you up and helps you engage in adventure.

Roam Life is part adventure chronicle, part social network, and part travel resource. The concept of Roam Life started as a very simple and altruistic idea: What if I could change my life to find a way to be that person who travels all the time? People are always envious of that guy on vacation or that person who backpacks from Alaska to Brazil. What if you could be that person? How can we change our lives to live more in the way we want to live?

The adventure began in 2009 with a solo cross country motorcycle trip from San Francisco to New York. Along the journey and during the challenges and excitement Roam Life was born. We should all be able to have that feeling of being free, of participating in the world that surrounds you. Whether your idea of adventure is going beyond the five block radius around your house, venturing over to the next town, or exploring the far flung reaches of the planet, we want to help you get there.

Roam Life will inspire you to lead a life full of adventure and provide the resources for you to do so.

Without you, the Roam Life Project can’t exist. It’s about all of us finding that moment of happiness in our daily lives and also in those epic life adventures. Of course there will be a chronicle of our adventures, but we need YOUR stories, YOUR pictures, YOUR travel knowledge, and YOUR couches to stay on. We are going to fuel the growth of this website and this community together. The development of connections is what travel is all about for me. Connecting to the world. Connecting to people. Connecting together. Through the course of my travels I look forward to connecting with old friends and making new ones. Please contact me and come along for the adventure. Let’s ROAM together!

Roam Life Team:
Josh Fonner, Senior Executive & Epic Adventure Leader
Christine Perigen, Senior Executive & Educational Consultant

Contact Roam Life:
+1 (914) 297-8446

Roaming is about Life as an Adventure.

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