6-Week Course in Building Meaningful Goals and How to Achieve Them


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6-Week Course in Building Meaningful Goals and How to Achieve Them
-includes: 2 live coaching sessions, Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment & Personalized Summary, tools & resources, and course access ($1,900 value)-

You will receive access to resources, tools, and strategies for understanding your core values, strengths, and drivers in developing meaningful goals for yourself and how to achieve them.

There are three types of goals: personal, professional, and development. You’ll learn how to walk through each of these, determine how to develop effective goals for self-improvement, and gain deeper understanding of yourself and capabilities.

Christine takes a holistic approach to identifying, setting, and attaining goals. Learn her approach and understand how aligning mind, body, and spirit with strategic goal setting can start you on a path towards long-term transformation.

The purchase process is two steps: 1) complete your payment through the check out process then 2) schedule your time for your first private session with Christine to get started.

*Please note – payment must be made prior to booking your session. Failure to complete the payment process and follow the steps in this order could result in your session being cancelled.