4-Week Course in Navigating Difficult Conversations


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4-Week Course in Building Meaningful Goals and How to Achieve Them
-includes: 2 live coaching session, tools & resources, and course access ($500 value)-

You will receive access to resources, tools, and strategies for navigating difficult conversations, the discomfort of communication gone wrong, and how to handle conflict in your personal and professional life.

You will learn the “three point conversation”, how to create opportunities for repair, and ways in which to regulate emotional processing so that you can navigate through difficult conversations in ways that will create more trust, care, and confidence in your interactions and relationships.

Christine takes a direct and strategic approach to communication while showing care, love, and concern. We are all human and want to feel loved, validated, and heard. Caring while centering in your own strengths and ability to strategize your communication is sometimes the difference between breaking up and making up. Christine goes beyond that – you’ll repair, rebuild, and grow in your relationships where more trust, confidence, and care is at the center.

The purchase process is two steps: 1) complete your payment through the check out process then 2) schedule your time for your first private session with Christine to get started.

*Please note – payment must be made prior to booking your session. Failure to complete the payment process and follow the steps in this order could result in your session being cancelled.