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We are, first and foremost, social and spiritual interconnected women that recognize the strengths and expertise amongst each other. We are an amazing network of courageous professionals that care about what we are building for each of you. Below are some highlights of the core group that makes all the magic happen.

Christine Fonner, M.Ed, Founder of RYS

Dallas | Houston | Austin | Silverton

With over 15 years of leadership in business and education combined with organizational development experience, Christine is currently working on her PhD in Organizational Leadership, specializing in “the human factor” – the connection between personal/interpersonal needs and joy at work aligned to organizational success. She has taught, coached, and encouraged adventure-based learning throughout her personal and professional life.

Based out of Texas and Colorado, Christine has traveled around the world, ridden her bicycle on multiple continents, and is a nomadic spirit. She is an educational and teaching expert with team and strengths building at the core, she leads up the adventure-based component of the retreats and gets you out of your comfort zone to experience new learning.

Debi Dye, Executive Leader of RYS

Dallas | Houston | Austin | Silverton

Debi is the mother of three grown children and has four (well five, we count her best friends’ son who also calls her Nana) grandchildren with a sixth one on the way. Debi flourishes and thrives where her work allows her to have an impact and be a part of change management. As a member of the Operations teams in various capacities she has taken trainees under her wing to guide them from the ground up, developed manuals for software, training materials, processes and procedures for entire organizations. People development through sharing of learned concepts and knowledge is forefront in both her personal and professional life. She favors cooperation over competition and compromise over conflict and is encouraging by nature.

She has been described as the Mother of Mothers by her friends and co-workers. Debi sees the world through compassionate eyes and is always thinking of others. Debi has a thirst for knowledge and shares generously from her career and personal life. She has an energy about her that draws people to her to share their stories no matter where she goes and helps others to find their own way (no one fits into a mold).

Angie Grimes, Intuitive Transformational Coach

Dallas | Houston | Austin | Silverton

Angie Grimes is a Quantum Architect. Providing Inspiration. Knowledge. Motivation. Teaching you to look within and awaken – guiding individuals to bridge the logical mind and Divine intelligence so that they can amplify their creative genius within you. She deploys practical techniques to reactivate understanding of the role that the microcosm and macrocosm play so that individuals can begin masterfully recoding their reality.

Angie deeply values balance in all aspects of life and is focused on personal and professional development by actively shifting perspectives, addressing past human conditioning, and centering a new emotional state to access higher energetic frequencies. It is her intention that sharing her story offers hope, inspiration, connection with a renewed understanding that you too can masterfully build your world by feeling and acting like the miracle that you are!

Dr. Erin Marsch-Perez, LCSW, LCDC, Certified EMDR Therapist

Dallas | Houston | Austin | Silverton

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