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Thank you for being here.

We are, first and foremost, social and spiritually interconnected women that recognize the strengths and expertise amongst each other. We are an amazing network of courageous professionals that care about what we are building for each of you in this community. Below are some highlights of the core group that makes all the magic happen.

Christine Fonner, M.Ed.
Founder and CEO

Christine is the founder and owner of Roam Your Soul. She has taken her 20 years of leadership experience and combined it with her passion for building communities and space for people to thrive. Christine focuses on helping people who are confident yet know what they need to work on and helps you  find deeper meaning in life through adventure, transformational learning, and authentic community. 

Christine has a Master’s in transformational leadership/change management and is a strengths-based transformational coach. Christine is a professional presenter and public speaker at national conferences and enjoys facilitating workshops and professional development trainings for organizations. She is currently working on her PhD in Organizational Leadership, specializing in “the human factor” – the responsibility leaders have in  creating “radical care” in the workplace and the connection between personal/interpersonal needs and joy at work.

She’s an adventurer: Based out of Texas and Colorado, Christine travels around the world and has ridden her bicycle on multiple continents. She nourishes her nomadic spirit in travel, outdoor adventures, and exploring new places.

Christine offers virtual and in-person consulting and coaching in transformation, career, personal and professional goals, and in organizational development and business optimization.

Karleigh Lindsay
Human Design and Intuitive Alignment Coach

Karleigh is the CEO and founder of Aligned and Empowered. She has a mission to create an impact on the world by helping people align to their authenticity and tap into their true power. Karleigh has a bachelor of science in psychology and lives out her purpose to guide others through intuitive alignment coaching. She takes a customizable, practical, and spiritual approach to each client and guides them to their unique and personal versions of success. Karleigh coaches, leads our Hot Girl Walks in Austin, and is a human design and life coach facilitator at our retreats.

Britney Charme
Wilderness and Adventure Facilitator

Britney is a cycling adventure expert and certified Wilderness First Responder. She combines her knowledge of the outdoors with her passion for creating meaningful experiences. She believes in the value of each person’s story and what they bring to the group experience.

Sarah Largent
Administrative Director, Events Coordinator

Sarah has become an expert over the last 10 years in organizational administration, executive support, and team leadership. She has an amazing skill in paying attention to the details, creating the special finishing touches for our events, and coordinating all the processes, systems, people, and tasks across our team in our day-to-day operations.

Do you need an events coordinator? Email!

Erin Marsch-Perez, LCSW, LCDC
Certified EMDR & IFS Therapist, PhD candidate

Erin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has experience working in both the residential and outpatient levels of substance abuse treatment facilities treating substance use and co-occurring disorders. As a combat veteran, Erin specializes in treatment of trauma for both military and first responders. Erin currently works with adults who struggle with substance use disorders, trauma, and other life difficulties utilizing Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), cognitive behavioral therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), solution-focused brief therapy and motivational interviewing.

Debi Dye
Motivational Coach

Debi is the mother of three grown children and has four (well five, we count her best friends’ son who also calls her Nana) grandchildren with a sixth one on the way. Debi flourishes and thrives where her work allows her to have an impact and be a part of change management. She has been described as the Mother of Mothers by her friends and co-workers. Debi sees the world through compassionate eyes and is always thinking of others. Debi has a thirst for knowledge and shares generously from her career and personal life. She has an energy about her that draws people to her to share their stories no matter where she goes and helps others to find their own way (no one fits into a mold).

Sarah Moore
Fitness Coach, RYS Colorado Ambassador, Adventure Facilitator

Sarah is a Fort Lewis College graduate where she earned her BA in Marketing and Peace & Conflict Studies and is founder of Keeping Women Wild, a women’s outdoor adventure community. She is also the co-owner of Move – Silverton, a yoga and fitness studio. Sarah is outdoor education and backcountry guide trained through Outward Bound where she was team lead for mountaineering and climbing expeditions. A year round wilderness athlete, Sarah is AIARE 2 certified and has countless hours of backcountry training and experience including a ski adventure in Japan and and a summit trip to Denali.

Ariel Campbell
Emotional Somatic Coach

Ariel is an Emotional Somatic Coach specializing in Functional Neurology. She has been in practice for over 10 years and continues to grow and learn more every day.

My journey isn’t uncommon for many women, having dealt with years of physical, sexual and emotional trauma. It had resulted in a multitude of symptoms: High functioning anxiety, depression, TMJ pain, chronic joint/back pain, low libido, panic attacks, hormone imbalances, sleepless nights, binge eating, years of intoxication with drugs and alcohol, etc. I spent years in talk therapy and was good at intellectualizing my emotions. I thought, “This is it. It doesn’t get better from here; I just get better at handling my “Normal.” It wasn’t until I started implementing body work and restoring safety to my nervous system that I felt a significant difference in my mental, emotional, and physical health.”

Interested in joining the team?

We have many partners and collaborators that join in and facilitator workshops in our retreats from different places around the country. That’s what true community and collaboration is really about – coming together to lift each other up, learn from each other, and share together. Contact us to learn more about joining the team.

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