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Women, over centuries, have been influential in positive and philanthropic change in our societies. We are the communicators, the peacekeepers, the adventurers, and the renegades. We are naturally drawn to social circles. We are talkative, inquisitive and analytical. We are amazingly good at multi-tasking. Women, in today’s world, have less and less opportunities to connect to other women. Given the opportunity, we can be a great support for one another and we desire and need the kind of friendship that is deep, meaningful, and full of purpose. This workshop is a special space for these friendships to be cultivated.

As women, our appearances are often dictated by social influence and fashion magazines. Our appearances and society’s perception of us may have changed over time but we, as women, all fundamentally maintain our same appreciation for beauty (as true beauty is), compassion, and making our world a loving and awesome place for us all to live. Enjoy the video below – it depicts women from different perspectives that have been expressed in art over time.

Women In Art from Philip Scott Johnson on Vimeo.

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Contact info: Christine@roamlife.com /+1 (914) 297-8446 or use our ‘contact us’ form to request more information.

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The Way you Communicate Influences the Whole Group of Roamers:
As a participant, you are a member of an online community. Your postings can help push the group to think in new directions and create a sense of community, or they can be divisive. Think about what you want out of this workshop and help create that experience for yourself and others. Any intelligent person loves a bit of sarcasm and dirty humor…be careful dishing it out online – some people might take it the wrong way. Be accountable for your actions and words. Respect other peoples’ stories and characteristics. Remember our purpose: to grow and learn together.

Speak up, lady!
Don’t be afraid to speak your thoughts. Your perspective, whether it is similar to that of others in the group or different is important. Be heard. “Listen” to others. The discussion can go as deep or as surface as you like. If you think something, write it! The stories and experiences that we all share is what makes this workshop unique. This is an amazing opportunity to learn and experience new adventures through one another. Share your story.

On the other hand…don’t be a loudmouth!
On the flip side of speaking up…speaking up too often takes away from the opportunity for others to share. Be aware that your story IS important…and so is everyone else’s’. “Listen” as much as you speak. Encourage others to share their stories too. It’s important to have leaders and positive instigators in this workshop. Please help move our experience forward! Just be aware of the space and make room for others to share and be part of the conversation too.

Be a cheerleader!
Your words are powerful. Sharing comments and participating in discussions can encourage others to do the same. The more you share, the more meaningful this workshop becomes. Be a little vulnerable. Encourage others to share their thoughts. Your words can open up the window to all of us sharing deeply, wholly and personally.

Hey, Chatty Cathy! Get to the point!
With up to 30 participants in the group, there is going to be a lot of reading going on! As you’re writing your reflections, telling us about your adventures and sharing your thoughts, remember that if you take too long, it’ll be overwhelming to try and finish and we may not hear all you had to say.

Just because no one says anything doesn’t mean it’s not meaningful.
If you post something…give it time for others to read. This workshop is a once a week check in and post workshop. If you post your story up and no one responds…give it some time. Also, if no one responds, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t important. It means we read it, processed it and internalized it without sharing our own thoughts. If you want feedback or have questions on how we might interpret something, just ask – or contact the facilitator. The facilitator can help start a discussion on topics that are important to you.

E-mail vs. Discussion Board – What to do?!?
As a general rule, use the Discussion Board for all workshop communication. It’s private just to us. If you connect to another Roamer, I encourage you to share e-mails! We are here to make friends and connections. If it’s a topic we can all benefit from, share it with the group. E-mail should also be used to communicate about issues unrelated to specific workshop content.

A final thought…
Adventure is a funny thing. It can bring you to new heights and make you think differently about yourself. It can scare the shit out of you and make you wish you never tried. There is a fine balance between crossing new frontiers and throwing yourself off of a cliff. Know your own limits. Be aware of others’ limits. What might work for you, may not work for someone else. What others can do, you might only wish you could do. This is a place of encouragement, support, and growth. Try new things. Help others move out of their comfort zones. But take some baby steps along the way. Reflect often. Be true to your own heart.

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Contact info: Christine@roamlife.com /+1 (914) 297-8446 or use our ‘contact us’ form to request more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is there a specific meeting time for the group where we all have to log in together?
A. NO. Each task and adventure will be posted on the Friday before the weekend and each person is to post their response PRIOR to the following Friday. You are able to log in all week long and see other Roamers’ postings, make comments, and add reflections.

Q. How does the “task,” “adventure,” “picture post” work?
A. Each week you will be assigned an adventure where you are challenged to try something new that relates to the task that is assigned. The task is soul related. It’s about you asking questions about yourself, learning about yourself and growing through the experience. Each adventure will support the task. The adventure will give you the opportunity to accomplish your task, reflect and share with others. Each week you will post a picture that is from your adventure, respond to the task, discuss what you learned and share your adventure with the group.

Q. How do I post my task/adventure/picture to the forum?
A. There are two ways to post: 1) log in and add your picture and reflection to the site by copying your response from a Word document and uploading your picture, or 2) Send your picture and response to the facilitator via email (christine@roamlife.com) and your posting will be added by the end of the day it was submitted.

Your question not answered? Email us at christine@roamlife.com or call 914-297-8446.

Wonder what’s inside??
Sneak Peak! Sample Week #1
Think about your last vacation. Where was it? Who were you with? When did you go? Post a picture of you in your favorite vacation spot. Look at the photo and finish this statement: “I wanted…”
Find a place in your neighborhood or an item/object that reminds you of your favorite vacation. Take a picture. Discuss what about this place/object reminds you of the vacation. What did you learn about yourself while on this vacation? Who were you then? Who are you now?
Your picture and response here!!

I wanted...

Comments: Share comments on postings from other women from around the world in a private community! Read comments and inspirational statements from women from around the world with complete privacy.

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