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I’m Calling Bullsh*t on Your “Corporate Wellness Program”

Most leaders were not trained to be leaders. They became good at what they did and gained promotions into positions where they are then responsible for people. Most people leaders are in over their heads and this is why over 80% of the workforce experiences toxic leadership and conflict in the workplace. That statistic is…

Sorry Doesn’t Cut It!

Sorry doesn’t cut it! Creating opportunities for repair is necessary for deep and meaningful relationships and for the healing needed to recover from damage done.

Sorry, Not Sorry!

Why silly sorries and sorry, not sorries need to leave your vocabulary for good.

Have you ever realized how much you say the word “sorry” every day? Women tend to say sorry 25% more than men. On average, any given person says sorry 8-10 times per day.

The types of relationships we have with…

Hiking and Backpacking Workshop Just for Women in Silverton, CO!

How often have you wanted to go on an outdoor adventure but felt a little too inexperienced, or a little too overwhelmed, a little too nervous…to go alone? If you are looking to improve your hiking and backpacking skills, learn from experienced hikers in several workshops, and experience the beautiful San Juan Mountain trail system,…

Las Vegas Hot Girl Walk!

Just outside of town, beyond the Las Vegas Strip, is an incredible outdoor playground. Red Rock Canyon hosts miles and miles of trails among boulders, rocks, and even the occasional wild burro. When planning your Las Vegas vacation, you should always make some time to get out into nature and witness for yourself the awe-inspiring…


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