Hiking and Backpacking Workshop Just for Women in Silverton, CO!

How often have you wanted to go on an outdoor adventure but felt a little too inexperienced, or a little too overwhelmed, a little too nervous…to go alone? If you are looking to improve your hiking and backpacking skills, learn from experienced hikers in several workshops, and experience the beautiful San Juan Mountain trail system, then join us on a New Moon Hike in Silverton, Colorado this summer!

If you are heading out on a hike, camping trip, or out for a long nature walk, you are responsible for being prepared. Weather conditions can change rapidly, the terrain is rugged and steep, and you will be in remote wilderness. There is a level of preparedness that is required to enjoy and safely experience the beauty that we will be surrounded by and we want you to be best prepared for an optimal experience.

As your event ambassador, we carry emergency supplies and are prepared to respond to circumstances that may arise and feel strongly about teaching each of our participants how to best experience backcountry safely and feel confidence in your preparedness.

We teach workshops throughout the weekend about safety, preparedness, and experience. Before the weekend even begins, we share resources, information, and virtual workshops for you to get excited about this unforgettable weekend experience.

About the Hike

Beyond breathtaking views of jagged mountains, we will come together in celebration of sisterhood, feel the powerful energy of the new moon cycle, and experience spiritual transformation together in the wilderness.

This trip is inspired by Sharon Blackie’s book, If Women Rose Rooted.”  Upon registration, you will have a copy sent to your doorstep (you are not required to read the book!). Are you a repeat New Moon Hiker? You’ll get to enjoy Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book, Braiding Sweetgrass.

If women want to change things, we need authority and authority comes, in good part, from inside ourselves. It comes from conviction from understanding and owning our stories and from a strong sense of who we are and what our place is in the world.

If Women Rose Rooted, Sharon Blackie

We are on a quest to find our place in this world, drawing inspiration from the wild landscape of the San Juan Mountains in Silverton, Colorado while drawing from the wise and powerful women in our ancestry, mythology, and community. 

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Roam Your Soul creates transformational adventure-based retreats and events for women. We are a caring, collaborative, and expert group of women. We build community in sisterhood, meaningful connections, and transformational learning opportunities.

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