Las Vegas Hot Girl Walk!

woman in blue denim shorts sitting on brown rock mountain
Hot Girl Walks are trending on TikTok and have been popping up in cities all over the country. Watch out, Las Vegas! Hot Girl Walks are coming to town!

Just outside of town, beyond the Las Vegas Strip, is an incredible outdoor playground. Red Rock Canyon hosts miles and miles of trails among boulders, rocks, and even the occasional wild burro. When planning your Las Vegas vacation, you should always make some time to get out into nature and witness for yourself the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds Sin City. What a perfect place to GO ON A HOT GIRL WALK!

Let’s go for a walk. Get outside. Be in nature.

Research has linked mental, physical, and spiritual health directly to your connection with nature. When was the last time you truly connected to nature? Using all five senses, can you close your eyes and remember the experience? The smell of dirt. The sound of leaves underfoot. The fresh air in your throat. The colors of flowers or grass or a pond. Simply taking a moment to take a deep breath in while noticing the natural world around you can significantly reduce stress and provide a mental and physical reset.

By spending just 3 minutes breathing deeply, connecting to nature with your five senses, and blocking out noise pollution, your heart rate will shift and your blood flow will increase. If you are feeling really adventurous, take your shoes off and actually “ground” into the earth. The benefits of taking time to observe your environment, appreciate the land that has been cultivated and cared for by people before us for thousands of years, and giving your body a grounding in natural elements has a multitude of health benefits.

Reflect and connect to positively impact your holistic well-being.

On this red rock nature walk, we will guide you in how to tap into your inner strength, recognize the power of your internal talk, and focus on creating positive thoughts to help you engage in your physical and mental healthiness.

Rule #1: Think only about these 3 things:

a woman in a coat praying

What are you grateful for?

black and white dartboard

What are your goals and how will you achieve them?

photo of a woman with curly hair wearing a lavender top

How HOT are you? (Answer: VERY)

Rule #2: When you walk with Roam Your Soul…

woman standing near whiteboard

Mental Health

creating affirmations and validations in who we are.
a woman in blue tank top running on the beach

Physical Health

increase heart rate and core temperature, check in with your body.
woman practicing yoga

Spiritual Health

meaningful connections to each other and ourselves.
group of women hugging

Energetic Health

connect to nature, engage your 5 senses, and ground yourself in the outdoors.

Women are taking their power back. They are centering in their strengths. They’re learning to validate themselves instead of seeking validation from others. We are lifting each other up, supporting each other, and giving each other strength.

YOU are amazing. YOU are beautiful. YOU are powerful. YOU are part of MY sisterhood.

There is strength in numbers. Especially in sisterhood. Walk with us.

Have you been wondering if women like you exist? If you are craving transformation, connection, community, and sisterhood…then our Hot Girl Walks are for you!

Joining a Hot Girl Walk is about lifting yourself up while lifting other women up right alongside you. It is about believing in yourself and being resilient when you feel like you are falling down so you can get back up, pep talk your way to the top, and kick ass at life. It’s about recognizing that you don’t have to be perfect and you should be vulnerable. We are strong and we are capable and we can achieve. YOU are amazing. YOU are beautiful. YOU are capable of changing the world. YOU ARE A HOT GIRL.

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