3 Easy and Low Cost Ways to Experience Your Next Adventure

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All of us have the desire for adventure but we are usually faced with two road blocks right away: time and money. Here are 3 easy and low cost ways to find yourself on a new adventure.

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Head out into nature.

There are a couple things I LOVE to do in the woods and out in nature when I’m on a budget.

  • Identify stuff – plants, birds, animals…bring a blank journal with you and turn it into a Nature Journal Field Guide. You can sketch, write, or press leaves, flowers, and plant pieces into your book as a memory holder.
  • Grounding – yep. It’s become a TikTok phenomenon as of late BUT some cultures have been doing it for THOUSANDS of years. Take your shoes off. Dig your toes in the dirt. Scoop sand into your hands and feel it pass through your fingers. Feel the sensation of the earth underneath you and experience the healing powers of the dirt floor.
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Explore your hometown like a tourist

I absolutely love looking at a city with fresh new eyes and bright blank perspective like I know nothing about it. There must be 50 different lists on my iPhone Notes of things to do in cities I am familiar.

  • Plan a solo visit to the most touristy spots – I went to college in a tiny cow town on the National Rodeo circuit. There is this tiny little museum next to a restaurant in a church that I spent two hours lost in. Not into weird museums? Find the giant eyeball in Dallas, visit the Sex Museum in New York, or find that really weird costume shop in Santa Monica.
  • Put together a scavenger hunt – grab some of your favorite friends for an evening of sleuthing through parts of your town you haven’t visited in a while (*note* – safety first! Be knowledgeable and aware of the calculated risk taking inherent in any adventure and be sure that you choose to make an adventure where you aren’t risking lives and dodging cars or thugs). Make it a quiz! Can Suzie who knows everything find the bartender who was the prom queen back in ’76?
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Do something completely out of your comfort zone

When I moved to New York in my twenties, I signed up for salsa dancing classes. It was always a dream of mine to learn how to actually dance and it forced me to totally step out of my comfort zone, learning something new, and meet new people. Adventure happens when we step out of the safety of comfort and into something new and completely unknown.

  • Learn a new skill – dancing, axe throwing, painting, gardening, filmmaking, improv comedy…what is something that you first would say, “Oh gosh, me?! I couldn’t!” But you know you really could? Brainstorm ideas on what would be fun and then ask yourself how far you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, into your learning zone, and find new adventure.
  • Join a Hot Girl Walk – Hot Girl Walks became a national trend during the height of the pandemic. The walks are happening all over the country and women are using the time to connect with nature, each other, and themselves. There are three rules to the walk: 1) What are you grateful for? 2) What are your goals and how will you achieve them? 3) How hot ARE you? (Answer: VERY). Step into YOUR POWER and experience the POWER of women together.

About Roam Your Soul:

Roam Your Soul is for women that are seeking more adventure, want more meaning in their daily lives, and crave a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

We provide no cost, low cost, and personal investment options for your next adventure. With decades of experience in adventure-based transformational learning, behavioral science, leadership, mental health, and wellness, we take a holistic approach to developing unique experiences that help move people into new and deep learning that creates opportunities for transformative learning that is long lasting.

Join a meaningful and powerful community where you’ll grow, explore, head out on new adventures, and feel a strong sense of belonging.

Christine is the founder and owner of Roam Your Soul. She has 20 years of people leadership experience and is passionate about advocating for radical care in the workplace. She knew that her passion for building communities and space for people to thrive was needed for women. Roam Your Soul launched in December, 2021. Christine’s coaching, consulting, and retreats focus on helping women who are confident yet know what they need to work on and for women who want to find deeper meaning in life. She believes that women need a support network, community, and opportunities to be vulnerable to engage in what makes life truly meaningful.

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