Wondering what this Hot Girl Walk craze is all about?

When I first heard about the Hot Girl Walk trend, I immediately thought, “I’m way too old for whatever that is!” and when my 26 year old colleague asked me to create an Austin-based walk with her…I knew it must be true. But, what if I was wrong about being too old and what if I misjudged and dismissed this whole trend way too quickly? What if I told you that this Hot Girl Walk craze is not only a good thing but it was a GREAT thing?

Austin Hot Girl Walks are becoming a THING!

The Hot Girl Walk began during the height of the pandemic when creator, Mia Lind, was feeling lonely, alone, and disconnected from what she had hoped for herself pre-pandemic.

“It was a bummer, and we felt cooped up. My mom kept telling me and my sister to go for a walk outside. So we did, and, little by little, I started to feel better.”

Mia Lind

Mia took to her TikTok account to share an idea that grew from her mom telling her to go walk outside…to the Hot Girl Walk. The premise is simple yet impactful:

Go for a walk. Get outside. Be in nature.

Preferably for 4 miles but whatever motivation you have, time you have, and ability you have – the key is to just get outside and start WALKING.

Reflect and connect to positively impact your holistic well-being.

Tap into your inner strength, recognize the power of your internal talk, and focus on creating positive thoughts to help you engage in your physical and mental healthiness.

women sitting and smiling

Think only about these 3 things:

  1. What are you grateful for?
  2. What are your goals and how will you achieve them?
  3. How hot ARE you? (Answer: VERY)

Women are taking their power back. They are centering in their strengths. They’re learning to validate themselves instead of seeking validation from others. Most of our lives we have been told who we are through societal restrictions and guidelines. Rules and expectations have been dictated to us in movies, stereotypes, and archaic social norms. We have been sexualized, monetized, and undervalued in our own communities for generations and that narrative just doesn’t fit with our own self-knowledge, self-worth, and self-growth anymore.

This just isn’t the story we’re living anymore and we are creating our own stories with our own words and our own intentions.

Joining a Hot Girl Walk is about lifting yourself up while lifting other women up right alongside you. It is about believing in yourself and being resilient when you feel like you are falling down so you can get back up, pep talk your way to the top, and kick ass at life. It’s about recognizing that you don’t have to be perfect and you should be vulnerable. We are strong and we are capable and we can achieve. YOU are amazing. YOU are beautiful. YOU are capable of changing the world. YOU ARE A HOT GIRL.

When you walk with Roam Your Soul, we focus on…

Mental Health – creating affirmations and validations in who we are.
Physical Health – increase heart rate and core temperature, check in with your body.
Spiritual Health – meaningful connections to each other and ourselves.
Energetic Health – Connect to nature, engage your 5 senses, and ground yourself.

Thanks to Mia Lind and hundreds of thousands of other women that got into hot girl walking well before me , I’ve since realized that not only am I definitely NOT too old for…well, ANYTHING, but I recognize that I can help create opportunities for communities of women to come together, too. So…we’ve been doing just that. We now facilitate Hot Girl Walks in multiple cities with plans for more locations in the future. To be able to create intentional space for positive thinking, to help women lift each other up with affirmations and care, and to create healthy experiences with space to build new friendships is an absolute joy.

– Christine, founder of Roam Your Soul

Interested in being a RYS Hot Girl Walk Ambassador in your town? Email us!

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