Roam Your Soul is Changing the Face of Women’s Retreats – and the Founder has a Whole Team of Experts Behind Her

a group of women lying on a picnic blanket while having fun

September 18, 2022

Women’s retreats are a dime a dozen in the post-pandemic craze for self-care and wellness. Quality experiences are at the top of the list for what women are looking for.

Our retreats are for women seeking more adventure, want more meaning in their daily lives, and crave a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Austin, Texas – Roam Your Soul is making waves across the wellness and retreat industry with a new approach to women’s retreats – outdoor adventures and holistic workshops from a cooperative of experts across wellness fields. In what founder, Christine Fonner, calls the “co-op model”, Roam Your Soul retreats are co-created by experts across the United States. Professionals in mental health, transformational coaching, outdoor adventures, restorative breath work, and holistic wellness work together to build authentic women-specific experiences that help women dive deep into their feelings, life stories, and connections to the world around them.

Roam Your Soul is for the woman who is confident yet knows what she needs to work on and for the woman who wants to re-connect to the deeper meaning in life through adventure and authentic community. Life has been coming at you fast and you have forgotten pieces of yourself somewhere in between spilling hot coffee down your pants on the way to an important product launch meeting and that sixth load of laundry still sitting in the washer.

“We started Roam Your Soul because we want women to be happy. I know that sounds simple but it just isn’t. Life throws an average of 35,000 decision-making moments at us per day. We are capable women who are tired,” said Christine Fonner, founder of Roam Your Soul.

Roam Your Soul Weekend Retreats are exactly what women need – stretched for time, uninspired, tired of routine, and lonely? NO MORE!

Roam Your Soul recognizes that a holistic approach to learning and self-reflection is much more effective and long lasting than singular services you would experience in a traditional wellness plan. Over the course of a weekend, women gain access to a multitude of services and expertise areas that would typically cost $150-250 per professional per hour in a normal setting. Christine leads the team of experts in building unique curriculum together in a way that augments each activity and creates interconnectivity across mind, body, and spirit and past, present, and future for experiences that will have attendees diving into transformational opportunities.

With a licensed therapist specializing in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and IFS (Internal Family Systems), two wilderness and adventure experts, her own Master’s of Education and decades of experience in transformational learning strategies, an emotional somatic coach, theta wave meditation, restorative breath work, and several yoga, wellness, mental health, and human design collaborators on board, Christine says, “This isn’t goat yoga. We love to love and have fun and you’ll have fun with us but you are really joining us because you are ready to do the work and you crave that deeper understanding and connection that comes from this holistic approach to learning and transformation.”

With two retreats under their belt and another one coming up in Austin, Texas, November 11-13, women are encouraged to explore their heart’s desire and commit to a life-changing experience.

Upcoming Retreats

a group of women lying on a picnic blanket while having fun

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