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Roam Your Soul facilitates lifelong learning, personal growth, and centering in strengths. We want to explore our daily lives with new eyes, experience adventure, grow in our connection to the world around us, and roam our inner soul of who we are.
Adventure-based workshops and retreats that focus on business development, personal development, leadership, life-centering, and well, basically all the things that help us live efficient and effective lives with MEANING. Engage. Connect. Roam.
Our mini-retreats, workshops, and retreats are women-focused. Become a part of the online adventure community. If you want something more, join our workshops and retreats that will help you on an internal adventure that results in soul growth and learning about yourself through daily explorations, weekly reflections and connections together.
We are a committed group of experts in leadership, coaching, change management, social-emotional learning, and self-reflection and growth.
Whether you are stuck in a rut, tired of the daily doldrum, looking for something new to do, going through a massive life change, or struggling to find who you are and where you are going, Roam Your Soul is sure to fill a place in your life.
Upon registering, you’ll become a member of an exciting group of women. Give yourself that time you need to rejuvenate, center in your core strength, and stretch into the energy and connections around you. You’ll not only be giving yourself the gift of time and intentionality, you’ll be connecting with other women from around the world to explore, question, interpret and interact in adventures that touch your heart, wake you up, and change your way of life.
Be inspired. Roam Life.
*Roam Your Soul is part of a larger network of experts that includes Roam Life (adventure & outdoor-based personal and business development), and The Leadership Co-Op (a network of business professionals that work together to bring the best business solutions and leadership practices to you).

Whether you are stuck in a rut, tired of the daily doldrum, looking for something new to do, going through a massive life change or struggling to find who you are and where you are going, Roam Your Soul is sure to fill a place in your life.

There are four pillars that build the foundation of Roam Your Soul:

1. Seeing things from a new angle – how to utilize adventure, learning, and new experiences to see your environment, life, and yourself differently.

2. Being a self-advocate – Sometimes being a self-advocate is more of a challenge than we think. Sometimes we think we are better at it than we actually are. We’ll look at being aware of your needs, desires, and passions and actualizing them through an adventure-based workshop or retreat.

3. Taking Risks – Taking risks makes you strong. There is a place between your comfort zone and fear zone where magic happens. We’ll challenge you to make magic through taking risks.

4. Self-sustaining – Being confident in your ability to create an adventure and live your daily life in intentionality in being present means that we help you find your daily adventures and create a rhythm that is “self-sustaining” in your daily. 

There are three goals we have:

1. Learn something new about yourself or reflect on who you are currently by completing an adventure activity that you have to leave your house and do something physical to complete.
2. The task should be connected to something we can learn about, become passionate about and requires us to reach beyond ourselves and into the greater world or community to participate.
3. Inspire others through your experience and gain strength from others to take risks by participating in an online community of women.

The Roam Your Soul journey is a very personal experience yet done with the support of a community of women. We ask that you participate in activities that have to do with you and your perceptions of the world. The journey itself is your personal growth journey that comes from the support and encouragement and inspiration from what is being shared within the group.

Get ready to ask yourself, “What ARE my boundaries??”

Roam your community. Roam your world.

Roam your soul.

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