Seattle Weekend Getaway

women hugging and smiling
Urban adventures at Pike Place Market.
Locally roasted coffee by the fire.
Connecting to nature and the outdoors.
Equine therapy and time on the ranch.

August 10-13, 2023

Our weekend getaway in Seattle is a unique experience of both downtown adventures and outdoor experiences.

Our team of experts range across wellness professions and utilize nature, movement, and meaningful connections for transformative learning.

emotional somatic coaching, functional neurology, breath work

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) & IFS (Internal Family Systems), licensed trauma/PTSD informed therapist

transformational learning, nature-based education, leadership-level communication strategies, Gallup Clifton Strengths coaching, relational and emotional intelligence

human design, universal purpose, future focus, self-exploration that draws on traditions like the I-Ching, the Kabbalah, chakras, and astrology

Each facilitator’s experience and expertise augments the other. We would not have had the level of transformation and meaningful moments if one workshop did not build upon the other.


You’ll have time to engage with our team of experts over an entire weekend with access to workshops, small group sessions, and 1:1 time with each. With experience across the wellness industry, we have built experiences together to help you dive deep into transformational spaces that remind you to connect again with who you really are and will help you reconnect to the healing power of nature deeper than you have before.

We partner with an equine therapy expert where you’ll get to spend an entire day at the ranch.

Kelsey Devoille, owner of Unbridled Counseling, has created a special equine-assisted therapy experience just for you. As a licensed therapist, Kelsey brings horses into a therapeutic setting to promote healing and growth. For some people, just having a horse present while utilizing talk therapy strategies in the outdoors is incredibly grounding. For others, it can be very, very relational and deep work, where the relationship with the horse is truly used to model relationships that happen outside of the experience.

Breath work helps us energize, focus, and heal while removing potential blocks and creating intentional openness into your experience.

Healthy meals, farm-to-table ingredients, and delicious flavors are designed with your needs, wants, and preferences.

cheerful family enjoying dinner party together in countryside

Connect with nature and explore through adventure activities that help you release habits and feelings that are not serving you.

Experienced wilderness and nature educators have developed outdoor activities that help connect you to the world around you. Combining knowledge of the outdoors with experience in leading people through transformational experiences, we use natural elements and the five senses. You walk into the woods with one perspective and you walk out feeling a deep sense of new understanding.

Connect with amazing women, experience authentic community, feel safe in vulnerability, and learn together.

young slender female athletes giving high five to each other while training together in sports club

My biggest take away is the feeling of being understood and taking the time to give myself something healing and healthy.


Relax, recharge, and enjoy time in the outdoors, on the porch, reading a book, or daydreaming into the fire.

Are you BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+?

We are committed to cultivating a diverse, inclusive, and accessible community.

We pledge 20% of our event registration spots for BIPOC women, LGBQT+ folx who identify as female, femme, or non-binary. When you let us know, you also get 20% off your registration.

We are committed to celebrating & promoting diversity in outdoor adventure experiences for historically marginalized communities and providing a safe space for all who roam with us.

a woman in white long sleeves sitting on the floor while holding a colorful scarf
women in beige and black tank top smiling while embracing each other
women laughing on beach
aerial view of city buildings

We are all women who care deeply about YOU. We have brought our skills, experiences, and knowledge together to create a holistic approach to learning, self-care, and transformational healing. We align mind, body, and spirit with past, present, and future. We combine our knowledge in behavioral science, emotions, and feelings in alignment with physical, psychological, and tangible. We know that to be your truest future self, you need community and safety in vulnerability to best gain from new experiences.

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