Austin Weekend Retreat

a group of women lying on a picnic blanket while having fun
Nature, adventure, exploration, and transformation.
in one of the weirdest cities around.

November 11 – 13, 2022

Our weekend retreat in Austin is for the confident and successful woman that is TIRED. Tired of feeling disconnected. Tired of feeling overwhelmed. Tired of feeling like you have to be strong all the time. Tired of feeling like you lost yourself somewhere between spilling your morning coffee in the car and having to work late to get that product launch ready by midnight. Tired of feeling like this day was the same as the last one and there HAS GOT TO BE MORE TO MY LIFE THAN THIS. There is.

Engage with our team of experts over an entire weekend with access to workshops, small group sessions, and 1:1 time with each. Our team has built experiences together to help you dive deep into transformational spaces that remind you to connect again with who you really are and will help you reconnect to the healing power of nature deeper than you have before.

Each facilitator’s experience and expertise augments the other. We would not have had the level of transformation and meaningful moments if one workshop did not build upon the other.


Wake with morning breath work and a healthy breakfast prepared by our in-house chef.

photo of women meditating together

Breath work in the morning focuses on emotional somatic work that helps women remove emotional and physical blockages so that you can heal in mind, body and spirit, embrace your true self, and own the power that you hold within.

Connect with nature and explore through adventure activities that help you release habits and feelings that are not serving you.

Experienced wilderness and nature educators have developed outdoor activities that help connect you to the world around you. Combining knowledge of the outdoors with experience in leading people through transformational experiences, we use natural elements and the five senses. You walk into the woods with one perspective and you walk out feeling a deep sense of new understanding.

happy multiethnic female friends sitting on green field in countryside
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My biggest take away is the feeling of being understood and taking the time to give myself something healing and healthy.


Explore Austin, connect with other women, and experience authentic community, vulnerability, and learning together.

women hugging and smiling
woman hugging another sad woman
a group of women lying on a picnic blanket while having fun

Christine, Erin, Karleigh, Ariel, Britney…we are all women who care deeply about YOU. We have brought our skills, experiences, and knowledge together to create a holistic approach to learning, self-care, and transformational healing. We align mind, body, and spirit with past, present, and future. We combine our knowledge in behavioral science, emotions, and feelings in alignment with physical, psychological, and tangible. We know that to be your truest future self, you need community and safety in vulnerability to best gain from new experiences.

Christine, Founder and CEO
Erin, EMDR and IFS Therapist, LCSW
Karleigh, Human Design & the Cosmos
Ariel, Emotional Somatic Coach
Britney, Outdoor Adventures

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