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One of the major obstacles of adventure in our daily lives is how to find the time. Sounds silly, when I say it because isn’t this what makes life FUN? Shouldn’t we ALWAYS have time for fun?

The reality, of course, is that fun is the first element of our daily lives to go when we are busy, stressed, working, and have full to-do lists to complete.

Compound this with the fact that it’s now winter and daylight is at a minimum and now we are a bunch of non-fun ninnies all of a sudden.

Several of us are gearing up for a women’s workshop to begin December 15th that  focuses on a weekly adventure and reflection. Several of us may be asking ourselves, “How am I going to take some time out for my adventures?” In response, I have come up with a list that might just help you out:

Wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual. I know, this is a tough request. We’re already sleep-deprived, stressed and have a full day ahead of us. And for people like me, I am a COMPLETE non-morning person. I sleep until the last possible moment and then wake up angry on a regular basis just because I have to get up. Lately, I’ve trained myself to set the alarm 30 minutes early (and honestly I wake up 20 minutes earlier…snooze 1X!!) and I’m now able to enjoy a cup o’ joe with my man. And this makes me happy and I start my work day HAPPIER. Stay with me people…I know this is a post on how to have an ADVENTURE and I have a point that connects to this. See formula below.
While at work, take advantage of your breaks. Tear yourself away from work and actually walk or ride your bike somewhere – most beneficially, outside. If you can, combine your breaks and take one long break (good time to sneak in an adventure, too!) This helps your  blood flow, your brain wake up, and stress to go down amongst a plethora of other positives.

Before you come home, plan for some time to yourself. Hire a babysitter, arrange for chores to get done, do what you have to do to schedule in an hour of time for just YOU.

Make a wish list of activities. What are the things you wish you could do that you never get to? Your adventure doesn’t have to be crazy or exhilarating. It can be calming and relaxing, too. Make your decision. Do you want excitement and movement or calm and relaxing?

Put your wishlist in several places that will remind you to schedule it in. Have daily or weekly goals. What is really important to you to try and do this week? Is it to finish a book in the bath tub? Go for a hike? Sign up for a new class? Put it on your  calendar and schedule it in as a goal.

The biggest and most important aspect of daily adventures is making the adventure a priority. Take the steps and complete the actions to make sure that the adventure isn’t just a possibility – it’s a given. Avoid excuses. Plan for variables. If you scheduled a night hike but it’s too dark and too late – take a head lamp, a flash light and a shoulder bag and go for a hike or walk anyway. If you planned to have coffee with a friend and they cancelled, go have the coffee anyway.

The adventure rests within you. You just have to give it a little space to come out and dance.

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Roam Your Soul is a 4 week online workshop where you will be challenged to leave your daily routine and infuse each day with an adventure. Once per week a new adventure task will be posted that will connect to a reflection task as well.
This workshop is all about the participants and connecting to women in a safe, inspiring, and supportive way. Challenge yourself to grow. Take risks to try new things. Reflect on your experiences.
We are a community of women experiencing these activities at the same time, in different ways and will be connecting to each other to ask for advice, gain inspiration, build trust, create friendships, and have a few adventures!


    1. Learn something new about yourself or reflect on who you are currently by completing an adventure activity by leaving your house and doing something physical.

    2. The task activity should be connected to something we can all learn about, become passionate about and requires us to reach beyond ourselves and into the greater world or community to participate.

    3. Inspire others through your experience and gain strength from others to take risks by participating in an online community of women.

You will meet these goals with the following objectives in mind:

1. See things from a new perspective (angle, height, location)
2. Experience something out of your comfort zone (food, environment, action, foreign, self-confidence)
3. Reflect on experiences and life stories we have already had
4. Advocate for yourself, a cause, or supporting a program that promotes women in communitie

The Roam Your Soul journey is a very personal experience yet done with the support of a community of women. We ask that you participate in activities that have to do with you and your perceptions of the world. You only share what you want to share – the rest is your experience to take for your personal self. We are going to be asked to challenge each other and ourselves. The journey itself is your personal growth journey that comes from the support and encouragement and inspriration from what is being shared within the group.
Women were meant to be social. We were meant to support each other. We were meant to build relationships together. This workshop is a means of doing just that. Get ready to try new things. Get ready to ask yourself, “What ARE my boundaries??” This workshop will encourage you to roam. Roam your community. Roam your world. Roam your soul. We will challenge you to connect and feel alive. We believe people were meant to be outside and people were meant to experience new things together.
Roam Your Soul adopts the BE – DO – HAVE mentality. Part of that philosophy, we believe, means being outside. It also means that we become aware of our environment, how we impact our environment and what impact our environment has on us. Be natural. Be happy. Be adventurous. Do things to support this philosophy. What you create and what you have will reflect that attitude.


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