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Catching the wanderlust bug…


I spent years wandering from one place to the next. I was never settled. Always antsy. Always wondering what was next. Where was I going next? I have moved out of the country, across the country and into the country and still feel the need to move again. Moving is part of the adventure to me.  I love new and different and change.

Starting Roam Your Soul was my way of sharing some of that restless adventure with others. To me, there is nothing more exciting than roaming and exploring to find something new to experience. How fun would it be to try and do that on a daily or weekly basis with other women from around the world?

I have learned more about myself in my solo travels around the world and in my own neighborhood than I could have imagined. It’s how I’ve grown, changed, reflected…it’s how I’ve connected to others over coffee, language and culture.

You might be looking for something different. You might be looking for adventure. You might be looking for a CHANGE. You might not be looking for anything at all. But when we wake up in the morning and know that we have an adventure to do and a personal soul task to complete…how could we not walk into the world each day a little more excited??

Roam Your World. Roam Your Soul.

Roamer, Adventurer, Workshop Leader

Our Next Workshop: December 15th – January 22nd (Holiday Break 12/22 – 1/2)
Registration Deadline
: November 1st

Cost: $15.00

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Contact info: Christine@roamlife.com /+1 (914) 297-8446 or use our ‘contact us’ form to request more information.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is there a specific meeting time for the group where we all have to log in together?
A. NO. Each task and adventure will be posted on the Friday before the weekend and each person is to post their response PRIOR to the following Friday. You are able to log in all week long and see other Roamers’ postings, make comments, and add reflections.

Q. How does the “task,” “adventure,” “picture post” work?
A. Each week you will be assigned an adventure where you are challenged to try something new that relates to the task that is assigned. The task is soul related. It’s about you asking questions about yourself, learning about yourself and growing through the experience. Each adventure will support the task. The adventure will give you the opportunity to accomplish your task, reflect and share with others. Each week you will post a picture that is from your adventure, respond to the task, discuss what you learned and share your adventure with the group.

Q. How do I post my task/adventure/picture to the forum?
A. There are two ways to post: 1) log in and add your picture and reflection to the site by copying your response from a Word document and uploading your picture, or 2) Send your picture and response to the facilitator via email (christine@roamlife.com) and your posting will be added by the end of the day it was submitted.

Your question not answered? Email us at christine@roamlife.com or call 914-297-8446.

Wonder what’s inside??
Sneak Peak! Sample Week #1
Think about your last vacation. Where was it? Who were you with? When did you go? Post a picture of you in your favorite vacation spot. Look at the photo and finish this statement: “I wanted…”
Find a place in your neighborhood or an item/object that reminds you of your favorite vacation. Take a picture. Discuss what about this place/object reminds you of the vacation. What did you learn about yourself while on this vacation? Who were you then? Who are you now?
Your picture and response here!!

I wanted...

Comments: Share comments on postings from other women from around the world in a private community! Read comments and inspirational statements from women from around the world with complete privacy.

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Christine, Founder & Facilitator Hometown: Seattle, Washington Current town: Lake Placid, NY Favorite Vacation Spot: Copan Ruinas, Honduras Passions in life: Mountain biking, reading, spending quality time with friends/family Christine has traveled the world in search for purpose and excitement. From the age of 15, she’s been taking solo trips to experience adventure, meet new people and understand the world around her. With a degree in Elementary Education, a Masters in School Building Leadership and several years as a project manager and executive assistant, Christine has a varied and eclectic toolbox of skills that has allowed her to develop leadership skills in a very unique way. After moving from Seattle to New York in her Honda Civic in 2005, she started the largest and most successful book club in Westchester County that created a community of women and a fantastic environment for conversation, reflection and participation. With over 82 members and several community outreach programs within the book club, members found a place of friendship in a place that can sometimes be difficult to find and make friends: New York. Christine has led several leadership workshops, participated and developed youth and adult conferences and is an over all amazing “planner.” She has a knack for bringing people together, speaking to your spirit and creating a clear and meaningful purpose in what she says. Contact Information: christine@roamlife.com (914) 297-8446 Jen, Co-Facilitator Hometown: Venice Center, New York Current town: Lansing, NY Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere I can explore Passions in life: Spending quality time with my family and friends, backpacking, mountain biking, and one day… the banjo! Jen Miller is an Environmental and Outdoor Education Specialist who has a passion for the environment and wanting to be an outdoor educator. She is currently finishing up her M.S. in Environmental and Outdoor Education at SUNY Cortland, New York. Jennifer is an instructor and guide in several outdoor activities including canoeing and bicycling. Her passion is in the development of outdoor programs for women and young girls that focuses on adventure based activities that help you discover and explore their inner-self.

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Roam Your Soul is an online workshop for women that want to explore their daily lives with new eyes, experience adventure and roam their inner soul of who they are. The workshop will help you on an internal adventure that results in soul growth and learning about yourself through daily explorations, weekly reflections and other peoples experiences.

I wanted...to enjoy.

You will participate in a 4 week online workshop with women from around the world to explore, question, interpret and interact in adventures that touch your heart, wake you up, and change your way of life.

Whether you are stuck in a rut, tired of the daily doldrum, looking for something new to do, going through a massive life change or struggling to find who you are and where you are going, Roam Your Soul is sure to fill a place in your life.

Each participate will contribute to an online forum with pictures, stories, and responses to questions and will be able to view online Roam Your Soul resources, writing suggestions and video blogs.

I wanted...to capture the experience.

Roamers will have the opportunity to create a private sharing community together online and will be able to read each others’ stories, view each others’ pictures and discuss topics using the Roam Your Soul online forum.

Our Next Workshop: December 15th – January 22nd (Holiday Break 12/22 – 1/2)

Registration Deadline
: November 1st

First Timer Registration Cost: $15.00

Sign up now!

Contact info: Christine@roamlife.com /+1 (914) 297-8446 or use our ‘contact us’ form to request more information.

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