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Engage. Connect. Roam.

Roam Your Soul facilitates transformational lifelong learning,

personal growth, and centering in your strengths through adventure-based experiences.

If Women Rose Rooted – Silverton, CO
New Moon Day Hike and Overnight
August 27-28, 2022

SAVE MY SPOT! $500 deposit saves a spot at one of our urban retreats.

April 20-23, 2023 – Bishop Arts, Texas
August 3-6, 2023 – Seattle, Washington

$500 deposit secures your spot at our next adventure retreat and could save you $500.

Austin Weekend Retreat – November 11-13, 2022

Roam Your Soul is an adventure-based learning experience that utilizes the outdoors, exploration, and strategic activities connected to the world around you. This type of retreat helps move you into new and deep experiences that create opportunities for transformative change that is long lasting. With decades of experience, our facilitators guide you out of your daily routine and into building new understanding of your strengths and abilities. Whether you are stuck in a rut in your comfort zone or you are on a current self-actualizing journey, our retreat framework offers you an exhilarating new experience that challenges you to adopt new practices, build new routines, and intentionally engage in your daily life.

What is adventure-based learning?

When we challenge our mind, body, soul, and heart simultaneously to experience life differently, we catapult ourselves into new learning, new understanding, and new strength in ourselves.

Moving out of your comfort zone and into a learning space while connecting to the natural world around you creates opportunity for change.


Urban Retreats

We have built networks of amazing women in urban areas across the United States and beyond. Experts in their field, experienced in facilitating personal and professional growth, our 3-day urban adventure retreats will help you reflect, learn, and return to your daily life focused and centered with energy and intentionality.

Upcoming Retreat:

Roam Your Soul workshops are custom-designed experiences that create unique opportunities for an intimate group of women to experience a weekend of transformative learning, self-reflection, and community. Experts are thoughtfully selected and connected together to develop unique curriculum and sessions that are relevant to the individual. This allows you to build a strong support network and offers opportunity for you to continue to work with experts virtually or in person into the future.

Reconnect with yourself and build new connections with others through indoor and outdoor adventures, getting out of your comfort zone, and diving deep into activities that will transform your behavioral patterns, re-energize you, and impact your daily routine.

Upcoming Retreats and Dates

From easy to get to urban locations to wilderness retreats, choose what is best for you.

Become a Roamer.

Meet the Team

We are leadership, personal growth, and spiritual experts with decades of experience. We care deeply about helping others connect to themselves more fully and with others more meaningfully.

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Custom Retreats

Whether it’s a girls’ weekend, company training, or a special event plan, we offer custom retreat options for you to bring together 8-10 of your friends, colleagues, or a special group of people for a custom-designed retreat.

Destination Retreats

Our destination retreats are designed to help you disconnect, re-connect, and learn with adventure-based reflections, experiences, and moments that will return you to your daily life feeling energized, centered, renewed, and more capable than ever.

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The experience is worth it.

Give yourself the gift of time, reflection, and connection in this amazing women’s network.

– Christine Fonner, RYS Founder

“I had a much better day than I have had in a long time and I was more relaxed with no tension going into my day. Every woman should experience what I experienced this last weekend with you all.”

Dallas Roamer

“All women should experience what we all experienced this past weekend. I cannot stop thinking about it!”

Dallas Roamer

“I’m so very thankful for this wonderful weekend. The growth that happened is exactly what I needed.”

Dallas Roamer

Future Locations

We continue to build networks across the United States and beyond. Our team has been busy creating new opportunities in destination locations and urban cities.

We can’t wait to share them with you.

durango and silverton on brown stained train
Silverton, CO

Destination SW Colorado

The San Juan Mountains and Silverton, CO are home to a rich history, majestic mountains, and wilderness right out the back door.

5-7 Day Destination Retreat


LA Urban Retreat

SoCal has some of the best urban adventures offered.

3-Day Urban Retreat

Ithaca, NY

Destination Upstate NY

The Finger Lakes Region is magical and a perfect place to let go and reset.

5-7 Day Destination Retreat

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